rekindle those precious relationships

Nestled in the beautiful Devon countryside. Glamping surrounded by woodland to roam and immerse

Become an Explorer of your Devon countryside location

When was the last time you were able to breathe in the fresh country air; run through a field without worrying about cars, watch the kids run around expending their energy whilst you relax on a raised decking with a glass of.......

First experience the space and freedom. Then admire the beauty of your surroundings. Then explore - the 6 acre meadow you're in - the 5 acre woods around and behind you. What wildlife can you hear, see (woodpeckers, cuckoos, squirrels, deer)? What types of trees are there?

Remember when you used to draw... Bring some drawing and colouring books and join in with the kids. Get away from the phone and tablet and create some magic together.......

Play family games, reconnect with family and friends, build new memories together

Play Games together and reconnect

There's plenty of space to play games together. It's an awesome location to play 'hide and seek'! Bring bats/balls and make the most of the space.

We've provided lots of games to get the family engaged. Reconnect through outdoor Connect4, Ludo, Uno, Jenga, Boules, etc.


Glamping and star gazing...

Can you imagine what the stars look like when you're away from the town or city?

On a clear night you'll have an awesome view of the stars. Guests have seen 'shooting stars', satellites even the Space Station.

We've provided a star gazing book in your tent. This will help you identify the many constellations.

make something magical together

Campfire TV, reconnect around the campfire, share Devon experiences, create family glamping memories

Campfire TV

There's something special about sitting around the campfire. It's especially true when you've collected your own firewood from the woods!

Family and friends can sit together and share their experiences of the day. You can toast your own marshmallows; tell stories; plan tomorrows activities.....

Fun glamping. Enjoy finding all the fairy doors in the Devon woodland

Find the fairies

The private woodland is so quiet the fairies hqve decided to stay!  You'll no doubt see their houses on your arrival. I know some are planning to make their houses hard to find. I think if you search carefully you'll be able to find all the doors to their houses. You'll have to be quiet though as they're very quick to hide if they hear you coming.......

Enjoy the luxury raised deck, luxury facilities to make one of best Glamping In Devon experiences

Chill on the raised deck

At the end of the day (or even during the day!) you can relax over and after dinner enjoying one of the nicest natural, unspoilt views of the Devon countryside.

Previous guests have said they loved the thought and care that has been put into making this one of the best Glamping experiences in Devon

Books provided to unwind and entertain children when weather not so good

Relax with a good book

In addition to the games there's a selection of books within the tents to keep the whole family entertained. These range from family favourites to educational about the nature surrounding you and the skies above!

Recent guests have commented how their children renewed their interest in reading, especially when they could read alongside Mum and Dad.

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